San Francisco Adventure

Autor: Kristína Gírethová | 10.1.2013 o 16:22 | (upravené 10.1.2013 o 17:39) Karma článku: 5,49 | Prečítané:  565x

I can't believe where I'm sitting right now. You know, to get here it takes 14 hours!!! I'm still a little bit shocked I'm here. The day has just started in San Francisco. Actually it is a very early morning here. For us, the day is getting to the evening slowly, but here the sunlight is just starting its day tour. San Francisco is waking up. I'm one of the first people in the streets. A very delightful feeling, knowing you have the whole day just for yourself. Not even knowing what the day holds....

I'm sitting at the Starbucks Coffee, waiting for my sandwich. It takes for ever!!! I'm very hungry, cannot even write in this state. Where is it? I got to the cash desk because the stupid sandwich was still not coming. Something happened with it, they threw it away. It will take a minute to make a new one for me. So let's see. Jesus! So here we go now!! Finally! It's super hot, but at least it's on my table. I'm looking out of the window, seeing the streets of San Francisco. Cars passing by, people going to work. It feels really strange, we watch so many American production series and movies and now I have the first chance in my life to see it in reality. And I have to admit, it looks great!! It feels like life must be great in America, in a city like this. I love big cities, they give you so much freedom. The sandwich is very nice, by the way :) The city looks very rich. It reminds me ofBeverly  Hills boulevards, just from what I saw in Pretty Woman :) Skyscrapers all around, a businessman sitting a table next to me talking about 15 Million of Dollars being invested in the continent of Africa, amazing bridges, broad streets. I need to move on though, I need to see other places to get a little bit of the profile of local people. And the guy next to me is pretty annoying, btw. Talking so loud and all the time. I would appreciate more peace and quiet. And on top of that the girl who just sat opposite of me is stealing the wi-fi signal from me. She must have a stronger antenna or what. Time to go...

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